How easy is it to find a Labour job in 2021?

Posted on 29 July 2021

​The United Kingdom is known for its authoritative, flexible work environment and a robust economy.

Between Brexit and the Covid-19 pandemic, 2021 was a big year for change in the UK Labour Market. Both events resulted in a change of dynamics, which has been unfavourable for recruiters. It is, however, beneficial to those looking for work, particularly those in the Labour force.

As the loss of migrant workers and a turndown in economic activity has been realised since 2020, companies are now finding it a feat to hire people. Economic Commentators have stated that this post-Brexit and pandemic labour market is thriving because of increased job vacancies. Since the climb out of the pandemic began, the unemployment rate fell to 4.7% in 2021. Average earnings increased up to 5.6%, which is the fasted increase in this millennium! However, if you look at the data, this isn't exactly the case.

Our analysis of the data shows that we are still in a recession. Total hours worked are also down, and the number of self-employed (which fell dramatically during the pandemic) remains below pre-pandemic levels. This is not necessarily as good as it seems.

​Those who believe that the UK is in a roaring job market are not realising the unequal impact on different sectors, from the quick shut down of the economy and the loss of migrant workers. The companies that are having issues hiring are mainly in the labour sector. If you are looking for a physical, low-skilled and hands-on position, it may be the right time to enter.

 Migrants tended to take a majority of the labour sectors' work. However, as thousands have left the UK because of Brexit and the pandemic, there hasn't been enough domestic supply to fill vacancies. Also, labour roles were far more greatly affected during the pandemic than other industries.  

When it comes to salaries, these low-skilled labour jobs are the positions that are seeing improvement in wages. As they are generally low-pay postings, the companies attempt to incentivise UK citizens to take labour positions with attractive pay increases.

Workforce shortages and recruitment difficulties are real in industries such as agriculture, hospitality, and haulage. However, the UK is slowly experiencing an economic revival as Covid-19 becomes a difficulty of the past with vaccine rollouts and borders opening. Therefore, as time goes on, companies will slowly recover and fill the positions that are now vacant. As the labour market is improving fast, it is now time to quickly find a labour job in the UK with higher-than-average wages.

Whether you are a UK citizen or an immigrant, labour jobs openings in the UK are vast. If you are outside the UK, in the EU, for example, the labour job market is running so short that a company will most likely sponsor your working visa if you are qualified and able to work in the UK.

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