HR and Administration

HR and Administration

Administration and HR Jobs in the construction industry

A diligent and effective admin and HR team are essential for the smooth operation of any company, and no more so than in construction. We carry a range of administrative roles and HR Jobs in highly desirable companies, looking to place the best talent in the sector.

 It isn’t always necessary to come from a construction background to fulfil an admin or HR role, but employers will like to see relevant, transferable skills and competencies that demonstrate suitability for the role.

Administration Positions

From general office duties and secretarial tasks to managing contracts, processes, and procedures, the importance of administrative support within the construction sector cannot be underestimated. The coordination of deadlines, budgets and supplies is instrumental to the performance of any construction project.

Duties can be wide and varied within administrative functions, but individuals will require strong IT skills, excellent interpersonal and skills and have the ability to organise and prioritise with diligence and precision. These such roles allow hands-on, behind the scenes access into a sector that offers personal growth opportunities and broad scope for a long-term career path.

HR Jobs

Since staffing requirements on construction projects change frequently the involvement of Human Resources is critical for the accurate management of labour needs. Not to mention the legal aspects of hiring, contracts, compliance, training and occupational health.

There is a wide range of HR Jobs within the construction industry with multifaceted duties. Some Human Resources functions can be outsourced to external suppliers like ourselves, but that still leaves a huge number of everyday core activities such as workforce planning, training and development, performance management, payroll, conflict management and disciplinaries.

The construction sector is notoriously one of the most complex sectors within which to manage people, so it's no surprise that the demand for quality HR professionals is high. If you are keen to pursue a career in HR within the construction industry, connect with us today.