Trades and Labour

Trades and Labour


On average, around 2.5 million placements are made into construction jobs each year. This accounts for approx. 7% of total vacancies in the UK. Despite having experienced major disruption during the pandemic, the construction industry has become the fastest-growing employment sector in recent months.

With double-digit growth forecast in the industry for 2021, demand for tradesmen and site labour is expected to increase. As a result of Brexit, there is already a significant shortfall of skilled workers in the UK, since many European workers have chosen to return to their home nations.

 Consequently, it is reasonably safe to assume that there will be an abundance of construction jobs available across the UK for the foreseeable future.

Temporary and Permanent CONSTRUCTION JOBS

Whilst temporary, contract jobs have dominated the industry for years, the skills shortage in the sector may well lead to companies wanting to secure the top talent by offering more stable and competitive employment packages. Nevertheless, with the demand for workers outweighing supply, it's unlikely that trades and labour workers will be out of work very long between contracts.

The key to managing your career path is to ensure your chosen recruitment agency has their finger on the pulse and is acting in your best interests, so that you are first in line for top opportunities.


With much of the UK construction workforce set to retire in the coming years, it is a priority to attract younger skilled workers into the market. Companies that encourage apprenticeships, graduate schemes, flexible working hours, training and development and other attractive packages will be those that protect themselves from worker shortages and failed project delivery deadlines.

From an employee perspective, there are most definitely some sectors seeing more security than others, dictated by how society has evolved over the last year. It is important to understand what demand and skills are sought after in your region to understand how best to adapt and retarget your existing skills base.

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